Happiness quotient

Lili Wilkinson quoted someone who said that libraries** are happiness engines, in that they provide:

1. Satisfying work to do

2. The experience of being good at something
3. Time spent with people we like
4. The chance to be part of something bigger than yourself.

I reckon these pithily sum up what is needed for a satisfying life (although there are plenty more theories around – just try googling ‘four elements of happiness’ and see what you come up with.)

I would also add that you don’t need to get these from one source – as long as you can get each from somewhere, you’re home free. 

And for me, number five would be ‘a decent whack of lying-around-reading holidays.’

Any other ideas on the essential elements of happiness?

** All hail libraries and librarians!

1 thought on “Happiness quotient

  1. Anonymous

    Happy ness

    Yep. Reading is definitely up there.

    Going without stories is to the mind as going without water is to the body.




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