If you love food …

I’m doing hardcopy edits on Famous! at the moment, and one of the insightful comments from my wonderful Penguin editors was about how Sophie, the main character, would imagine being famous, and whether it would involve nice food.  Of course!  Someone once said that food for kids is what sex is for grown-ups (presumably in literature: anyone know the source of that quote?), but I realise that I don’t describe much food in any of my books (of sex there’s plenty, for the YA list at least!).  I’m not sure why that is: I actually find much writing about food about as interesting as people writing about dreams: not. 

But I love a good blog about food – real food, day-to-day food, the type of food we all eat and can afford.  For food, you need pictures.  And the best food blog on the web is The Food Pornographer, the title of which is pure genius, to say nothing of the content.  The bento lunches are particularly inspirational.  Check it out. 

1 thought on “If you love food …

  1. Anonymous

    Mmmm definitely think it is about food and sex (think Nigella)- but as for a book about food – The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry is one that is quite amusing and successfully combines both a story line (factual) with cordon bleu cooking



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