7 thoughts on “Living in the state of excitement

  1. Anonymous

    i love you jules!!!

    i had no idea you had a blog. i just read it! i laughed a lot at the image of you and annie taking it in turns to vomit on the plane :-))))))))))))) Jay XXX


  2. Anonymous

    You think that’s dull?

    …I moved from Perth to Canberra. Which is just like that video, except not so exciting. (The cephlapod in Lake Burly-Griffin is named Bazza, BTW)




  3. Anonymous

    I’ll be…

    well I’ll be bertied, that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in quite a while. thanks for sharing – t’was excellent. T 🙂


  4. Anonymous

    State Of Excitement

    So glad to see Perth hasn’t changed much in the past 20 years – loved it! Thanks, J, love Emma F – UK



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