For a sneak peak …

of Chess Nuts, click here.  The official publication date is the first of February, and I’m getting excited.  This book is entirely different to anything else I’ve done, and I’m proud of it.  My mother, who has never played chess and does not dispense praise unless it’s necessary, loved it, so I take this as a good sign. 

I am working on something with the gutsy and amazing Delphine Jamet at present, who I think needs a few more lives running parallel to fit in all the many and varied things she’s into: I don’t think I’ve met anyone with so much energy.  Not much more I can say on the project yet, as it’s in its infancy, but it’ll be fascinating when it’s done.  I’ve never written with anyone else before, and it’s very different to mucking about on the page by yourself.

And, if you would like to donate to help the benighted folk of Haiti as they cope with disaster, Avaaz is one of the organisations accepting them here:  you can check out the bona fides for yourself here, or donate to the other charities who are on the ground. 

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