What I’m grateful for

Bad things have been happening to a lot of people I know lately.  It’s hard to know what to do at such times, apart from send good thoughts to the afflicted people, and be grateful that at this moment, I have been spared the random awfulness of events.

In the spirit of Anita Heiss, then, I list the things I am grateful for today:

The crisp autumn weather, and the bed of newly planted leeks, onions, broad beans, spinach and broccoli that appreciate the gentle light;
The sleeping teenagers safely in their beds in the room next to me;
The fact that the Virginity Novel character rewrite is going well (well, is going!);
Some of my writing buddies had way too much fun at the Bologna Book Fair;
These two:

2 thoughts on “What I’m grateful for

  1. Anonymous

    I'm not sure of any of the circumstances … but I get your gratitude.

    I'm grateful for the technology that keeps family and friends in touch when it can't be tactile.



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