Guest posting and glory

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that this week Shaun Tan won an Oscar* for the animated adaptation of The Lost Thing.  The kids’ lit community in Australia went nuts with joy and with pride, intensified by the fact that not only is Shaun a rare talent, he is also a kind and generous artist and human being, as all who have come into contact with him over the years will attest.  It’s also a nice validation for other creative folk that doing your own thing can be rewarded.

Unless you’re well connected with literary gossip, you probably wouldn’t know that Kim Scott, another Western Australian writer, this week won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for his latest novel That Deadman Dance.  Kim is another true original: I haven’t read his latest novel, but his previous works were haunting, lyrical and deeply affecting.  An interview with Kim is here.

Speaking of generous folk, Gabrielle Wang has kindly asked me to be her guest blogger this week, which you’ll find here.  Simmone Howell also asked me to Polyvore my inspirations for Bye Beautiful (here).  I love the concept of guest blogging, and once I have some more time up my sleeve, I’d like to ask an array of interesting folk to do the same.  At least you, my one reader,** might get more regular joy from this blog. 

*He also won the Dromkeen Medal – his speech is here.

** You know who you are.

8 thoughts on “Guest posting and glory

  1. Gabrielle Wang

    I wholeheartedly agree! Not only is Shaun a genius and a living national treasure, he is a wonderful and humble human being. Lovely to have you visit my blog this week, Julia.


  2. Julia Lawrinson

    Actually KC, I had to clear my daughter's stuff off it. I am impeccably tidy, as befitting a Virgo (I can tell you this because you can't see my house at this moment!)

    And Meg, maybe even three!


  3. Barbara Temperton

    Unless I'm blind (which is possible, living in the country) I'm yet to see the news of Kim's success published in The West Australian. The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian were not backwards in coming forward ('scuse the cliche) promptly, last week, when the award was first announced. Mmmmmm, that's so disappointing. But congratulations, Kim! Couldn't happen to a nicer person!


  4. Jan Nicholls

    Don't be too hard on The West Australian – they did indeed feature Kim Scott albeit not until Thursday 17 March when his book became a Miles Franklin contender. There was even a colour photograph. It was on Page 18. There was also an article (and photo) on Shaun Tan that day about his Oscar being a “golden crowbar”.Page 7 of the Today section.

    Since William Yeoman took over as editor I think book coverage has increased significantly and has generally been very positive and celebratory in tone.



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