Persistence pays off

1. Way, way, way back a long, long, long time ago, I wrote about starting a new junior novel. I didn’t think I would ever finish it, despite spending a wonderful few weeks watching the talented gymnasts at Southside Districts Gymnastics Academy in January 2011, courtesy of the coach and owner, the marvellous Amanda Quigley. ¬†Well, thanks to some astute young readers (who loved it even without an ending) and other creative supporters, in January 2014 I finally finished the novel that I think will be called Almost Good Enough, and next year it will be published with Penguin. I can’t tell you what it took to finally get to this point: it has been a very, er, eventful few years in between, and I am extremely happy to have it across the line.

Moral of the story: Keep Going. Just Keep Going. In writing as in all other things.

PS I hope to be able to deliver more exciting writing news soon.

2.  Recognition can be long coming. Witness these men:

My dad, waving at his wife, his daughters, his granddaughter.

3. It’s been 40 splendid years of these folk: my primary school best friend sent this to me from England today. Oh nostalgia!

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