Shameless plugs, various

My Booked Out profile has been updated – see here for details.vI’ve got more scope for school visits than I have for some years, so please contact the Booked Out crew for details. I’m hoping to be in Melbourne before or after Book Week, too.

Also, the Flyaway Girls is fitting for primary kids in an Olympic year. Just saying.

Perth Writers Festival Schools Day and Inspired Learning Program is on this week (eek! I’ve written many, many questions for my illustrious panellists, but I feel I need more). See here for more details.

In other news, the Perth International Arts Festival has started. Every Brilliant Thing was my first show: I saw it last year in New York and seeing it a second time was just as delightful and thought-provoking. See it if you can.

Next week, the fabulous James Berlyn’s show, I Know You’re There. It’s the hottest ticket at PIAF: get in if you can.

Meanwhile, I’ve just finished a substantial edit of my new YA novel coming out next year. This is one that Matters. When I can share more, I will.


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