Beyond Carousel and other new things

The launch of Brendan Ritchie‘s Beyond Carousel (Fremantle Press) was a reminder of the warmth of the writing community in Perth, aside from a great launch of a novel that, if it is anything as good as its prequel, will be a cult hit. Norman and Jan Jorgensen, James Foley, Renae Hayward, Georgina Gregory, Kate McCaffrey, Marcella Polain and Mike Williams, and proud publisher Kate Sutherland were among the throngs of wordy people and well wishers crammed into the delight that is Beaufort Street Books, where our very own Tim Winton had been talking that very morning. The incomparable Amanda Betts launched Beyond Carousel in her brilliant, witty way: Brendan’s taster had all punters racing out to read their copies forthwith.


Brendan Ritchie


A trio of trouble

I have just received the proofs for my latest novel, due out in February. Here is a sneak peak of the inside title page. The novel features a year 12 art student called Amelia, so the arty smatter is fitting, as well as metaphorical:


Inside title page

And here is Hecta, our dog, chowing down on his carrot. He features in the novel as himself, although there is no carrot-eating to be found.


Hecta with an A


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