Good things come

♥2016 has been an eventful year in my life, to put it mildly, and even more so for many of you out there. Some of my closest friends have experienced terrible losses and grief. The state of the world is, at best, parlous. Human beings continue to confound, being full of generosity and kindness sometimes, or fear and hatred other times. Let’s not let the other times render us insensible to what is important in this world.

Choose kindness. Choose gentleness. Choose love.

♥In the spirit of gratitude, here is my list of ‘why 2016 hasn’t been a complete disaster.’ I encourage you to compile your own.

  • I was lucky enough to travel to Singapore not once, but twice, once for the Asian Festival of Children’s Content, second for the tour accompanying the Near and Dear Singapore-Western Australian book creator exchange. Both trips were glorious, and mind-opening, and full of good food and better company.
  • I was also lucky enough to go to Geraldton for Children’s Book Week: words cannot express how much I adored it, and the people there.
  • I went to Bali, too. (Now, I understand why people do. My girlfriend and I had The Bestest Time ever.)
  • I now possess a Bachelor of Laws, with Distinction.
  • I have a new book at the printers (squeeee!).
  • And, I have a beautiful new niece, born on the same day as one of my dearest friends. Bambina (not her real name, obvs!) brings delight to all who encounter her.

♥In the eventfulness of recent years, I’d forgotten that Losing It had been bought by Random House in Germany. Imagine my surprise, then, to be copied into a tweet with the awesomely chick-lit-ish cover yesterday, by Walking in the Clouds. Isn’t it fun? (And if anyone’s listening, I’d be happy to do a promo tour of Germany in 2017!)

Viermal grosse Liebe mit Sahne von Julia Lawrinson

♥All caveats about privileged white blokes aside, this study into what makes for a contented life is worth watching. Of course it is about connections, friendship, love. That is what makes our lives worth living, or bearable when the ceiling caves in. In the end, your people are all you have. Cherish them.

♥I wish you all a peaceful, reflective, bookful 2017 with your people.

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