Mel and Shell: more reviews! More ABBA news!

What a time, dear Reader!

Not only has Mel and Shell made its way into the world, thanks to the superlative Fremantle Press, with the grooviest, ABBA-est cover ever!, but ABBA released two singles the day after its publication! AND they have announced concert dates in London in 2022 (I do not care if it is their avatars, naysayers – it will be an EXPERIENCE).

There are not enough exclamation marks or capital letters in the world to express my utter delight at this wonderful synchronicity. Nobbly (my Frida) and I have been messaging each other from opposite sides of the world, crying and laughing at the hope this package of events have engendered in us. And to those of us of a Certain Age.

And the singles are so perfectly ABBA:

The reviews of Mel and Shell thus far have been so lovely: from Wendy Jeffrey at ReadPlus, Anastasia Gonis at Kids’ Book Review, Sam at Lamont Books, Sarah Stivens at Reading Time, WritingWA and more,

There have also been interviews: a fun Meet the Author at Alphabet Soup, and an audio from my favourite radio station, RTRFM, in which I am giddy from just having heard the first new ABBA single. I recently met with the delightful Chenee Marrapodi, too, so watch out for a pod there in the coming weeks too.

All this on the back of having a very busy Book Month: the pic below was taken on the last day at Karratha Senior High School, where I had the privilege of spending a couple of days with keen readers and writers.

Happy reading, all, and happy first spring if you’re on Noongar Boodjar.

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