How to Avoid a Happy Life: the blog

Dear Reader,

Shortly I will be launching a new blog here, detailing my trials, tribulations and hopefully triumphs in writing in a completely new genre, the memoir. I am debating whether to create a blog separate to this website so that the kids’ content and the more adult-oriented content is elsewhere. At the moment I think I’ll start here, but comments on the wisdom or otherwise of this approach are most welcome.

Here is some feedback from my mentor, Howard Norman, with whom I am immensely privileged to be working this year. This comment is both an indicator of what a fabulous mentor he is, able to wittily and aptly pull quotes to demonstrate his analysis, and also a pointer to what some of the memoir will contain:

I kept thinking, it is amazing how the narrator has stayed alive; I mean by that, it is a story of recklessness and survival, or, as A.S. Byatt put it, “testing the possibility of survival through bad decisions.

I look forward to being able to share this process with you – especially if you are in the process of writing a memoir yourself. Here’s to all the bad decisions, and surviving them!

Update: the blog is live(ish!) here.

2 thoughts on “How to Avoid a Happy Life: the blog

  1. Catherine McCredie

    Oh, this is brilliant news, Julia. Can’t wait for the inside story on the Black Rod days and everything else! People who make bad decisions learn the most, or that’s my consolation to self.



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