About Julia

Julia Lawrinson was born just after the first moon landing and grew up in the outer suburbs of Perth. She jointed the WA Youth Theatre Company as a teenager, then performed, toured and appeared on television with comedy group Viable Options in her early twenties (think Amy Shumer times three with harmonies). Julia is the one with the shark in her mouth.

VO shark

Photo by Claire Holmes

As a result of her performing background, Julia loves writing dialogue and character: to her, they’re the things that make writing jump off the page.

Julia has worked in many organisations, from the public sector to private language teaching to Parliament. This is Julia in her first job, where she learned to flip hamburgers and fend off drunk customers, skills that have served her well on many occasions since.


Julia has a few random degrees, including a PhD, and has recently completed a Bachelor of Laws with Distinction, winning prizes for trial advocacy, evidence and intellectual property, as well as a Vice Chancellor’s Award for academic excellence.

This is what Julia looks like without a shark in her mouth:

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