Bad Bad Thing


Bad, Bad Thing is the coming-of-age story of Seb, a high-spirited, witty fourteen-year-old who finds herself bored with home, school, and her best friend, Lavinia. Seb is the neighbour of sixteen-year-old Alex, who is likeable, relaxed, sporty and good-looking. His only problem, according to Seb, is his taste in girlfriends. He’s just dumped Bonnie (the Queen of Upper School and Lavinia’s sister), to go out with Rachel. Bonnie is feared throughout the school for her nastiness, and when Seb gets caught up in Bonnie’s plans for revenge on Rachel, the consequences are far, far worse than she ever could have imagined.


Never have I so badly wanted to put a book down and yet been incapable of doing so. In Bad Bad Thing Julia Lawrinson has so well created a world of harmful teenage relationships it makes your skin crawl. An excellent read, but be prepared to squirm. Annette Dale Meiklejohn, Magpies

Beware! Do not open this book if you want a soft, ‘feel good’ read. Tough, uncomfortable, at times funny, thought-provoking … a compelling albeit uncomfortable read for teenagers. Reading Time

There is much to please in Bad Bad Thing. This school is every co-educational secondary school you know, and there is enough tension and crises to keep the reader intrigued and the pages turning. Stella Lees, Viewpoint

Julia Lawrinson draws her confronting characters with a horribly acute pen. Katharine England, the Adelaide Advertiser

A clever plot makes this imaginative story of teenage life worth a read. Ali Beltran, Year 10, Albury High School