Losing It

Losing It


To avoid Losing It in the bushes with some random guy in a heavy-metal T-shirt after too many tequila shots, four best friends make a bet: to lose it before schoolies week ā€“ and preferably in a romantic, sober way that they won’t regret.

What follows is a sometimes funny, sometimes awkward, but always compelling comedy of errors as Abby, Mala, Bree and Zoe each try to find their Mr Right . . . or at least get laid.

A hilarious and thought-provoking novel by the award-winning author of Bye, Beautiful and The Push.

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This novel is lovely and honest and hilarious and leans towards the ridiculous at times, but it’s got a big heart. – Steph Bowe

Lawrinson writes with heart and spirit and humour. There are no sermons, the world is presented in all its variegated light. Female teenage desire is writ normal, as it should be but rarely is. – Simmone Howell

… buy it; buy it for every teenage girl you know (so she knows she’s not alone), for every teenage boy you know (so he can understand girls a little better). For every person you know, because it’s brilliant. – Megan Burke

Funny and endearing, Julia Lawrinson has written an unflinching and hilarious journey through the momentous time in four girl’s lives when they decide to lose ‘it’, on their own terms. – Danielle

I think this would be a great book for all teenage girls (and guys) to read. I believe that kids should be able to talk and think about sex and not be told that it’s bad because let’s face it, teens are going to do whatever they like, so they should have plenty of information to help them out. – Vegan YA Nerds

The book is funny, and at times makes you cringe, but the characters are strong and intelligent and each girl comes away from the experiences with a clarity about what they want, and what they don’t want for themselves. – 366 Books

It’s a funny, surprising, agonising story of friendship and self-discovery, and you don’t have to be a young adult to be hooked. – The West Australian