Skating the Edge

Skating the Edge

When Caitlin finds herself in Bayview Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital, she wonders if she’s finally found home. With Jay, Charlie, Libby and the beautiful Anna, she feels as if she belongs. But she doesn’t realise until it’s too late that there is more to some of her fellow residents than meets the eye.


Imaginatively conceived, skillfully executed …Buy it for a teenager or buy it for yourself. Neither of you will be disappointed. Brett D’Arcy, The West Australian

The story rips along at a great pace with occasional flashes of humour and the ending is particularly satisfying. I enjoyed it enormously, even more on the second read than the first. Ruth Starke, Viewpoint

I recommend Skating the Edge … to anyone who enjoys a bit of a tearjerker(and has a Kleenex on hand) and also to people who enjoy a story with an exciting twist. Renee, aged 15, YARA