Suburban Freak Show

Suburban Freak Show

Suburban Freak Show is a marvellously witty tale about Jay, a deeply cynical, delightfully disturbed girl stuck in the suburbs with a fanatical greenie. It’s going to take more then a massive IQ to save Jay from a first-year university experience that includes nut bars, hardcore country music and vegan eco activists.


Julia Lawrinson has written a novel about university life as scabrous as it is hilarious. Cameron Woodhead, the Age

This book is funny, the dialogue is hip, and casual sex abounds … written with a deft touch, the book will appeal to older teenagers. Ann Briggs, Magpies

The characters of this book are loud … but Lawrinson rewards her young people with honesty. She expects them to live in a big world. The Sydney Morning Herald

A light, comic read for nervous year twelves and high school students. Viewpoint