Chess Nuts launch

by | Feb 20, 2010

It was a wonderful night.  And I’ve had some wonderful launchers in my time, but 13-year-old Andrew Forbes-Macphail really showed how it’s done.  For those who were wondering, I hadn’t met Andrew before last night, and his speech was the result of his very diligent research alone (well, his mother might have given him some insider info about the dayjob, but the rest was an astonishing synthesis of masses of web-info).  He was mobbed afterwards by writers wanting him to launch their next books, so he might have a bit of moonlighting to do over the next few years.

The chess pieces were courtesy of the Fremantle Council, at the instigation of Sally from the Fremantle Children’s Literature Centre: the Centre was a glorious place to have a launch on a sultry summer’s evening (even if we were all rendered perhaps a trifle too windswept and interesting after a stint on the verandahs!), and many thanks go to Lesley Reece, Mailee, Sally and the rest of the crew for all their hard work.

Thank you to everyone who came, and send their good wishes, for making the night so special.  I shall treasure the memories.

So, Chess Nuts, go out into the world and thrive!

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