Chess nuts

by | Nov 28, 2008

After months of writing and weeks of wondering whether you’ve written a dog or a winner (or something in between that is going to cause you a lot of work and grief), it is unbelievably delightful to get an email from your publisher and editor with the words, ‘We love your chess novel’ in the subject line.  The novel is going to be published as a Puffin book in early 2010, and is going (at this point at least) to be called Chess Nuts.**

Chess Nuts is in some ways the opposite of Famous!, in that chess is a game that is played for the pleasure of the intellectual challenge of it.  It’s not a spectator sport, and, with the possible exception of chess teams in schools, it resists being made into anything more than a battle of wits between two players.  This does make its adherents a little prone to hero worship, as witnessed by the phenomenon of the remarkable Kasparov.  But chess lends itself to metaphor well, because the battles of chess are the battles of life writ small (or large, depending on your pov.)

I realise that none of this tells you anything about the actual book.  Another day.

In other news:

I’ve been reading the superlative Everything Beautiful, by the equally superlative Simmone Howell.

My friend The Food Pornographer had her brilliant food blog in the Sunday Times last weekend.

It’s Friday.  And not a day too soon.

** Multitudinous thanks to all my facebook friends who donated possible titles.

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