Darn, it’s December again

by | Dec 9, 2012

1. Months have passed with no blogging, but lots of day-job, writing gigs and general rushing about. It was with some surprise that I noted the arrival of December: it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve had such a dramatic, intense year. I’ve learned how to shoot a gun and handle a python (thanks Tam and Kitty!); drank cocktails in Singapore (thanks SCBWI and ArtsWA!); managed difficulties of a magnitude I had not previously imagined; and seen new parts of this remarkable state. Writing? Not so much. Sometimes life demands what writing needs.

2. In other recent news, I’ve been learning to keep my balance …


3. Had encounters with Hugh Jackman…


4. Been here …


5. With these people …


6. Tried to make the most of those champagne-and-caviar moments, when they happened …


7. And in between times, I’ve been trying not to let the lizards and snakes in.


8. May your 2013 bring you peace, love and grooviness. And for you to keep zen if peace, love and grooviness are elusive, unpredictable, or intermittent.  Warmest wishes to you all.

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