Fabulous in February

by | Feb 24, 2012

This is what I love about Perth Writers’ Festival: hanging out with my favourite writers, and meeting a few new fabulous ones, like Ambelin Kwaymullina (The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf) and Emma Chapman (The Good Wife): I highly recommend both debuts to you. I also got to go fan-girl over the proximity of Margaret Atwood at the opening party (and I swear, fainting ten minutes afterwards was a coincidence.) Helen Merrick, fellow KPS alumni, also great to meet you.

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With AJ Betts and Vikki Wakefield


With Dianne Touchell and Vikki Wakefield (Vikki and I have been called upon to do a double act at a couple of festivals: she’s my magic charm, I reckon, as the sessions with her are always cracking. She reckons she’s my curse, as seeing her has coincided with the contractions of lurgy (Melbourne), fainting fits (Perth) and Claratyne-induced hyperactivity. I maintain the magic charm is the more accurate description: I can faint and phlegm-up anywhere, any time.)

This is what I love about wine cruises after writers’ festival sessions:


And this is what I love about Perth:


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