How to Avoid a Happy Life: the blog

by | Jan 13, 2022

Dear Reader,

Shortly I will be launching a new blog here, detailing my trials, tribulations and hopefully triumphs in writing in a completely new genre, the memoir. I am debating whether to create a blog separate to this website so that the kids’ content and the more adult-oriented content is elsewhere. At the moment I think I’ll start here, but comments on the wisdom or otherwise of this approach are most welcome.

Here is some feedback from my mentor, Howard Norman, with whom I am immensely privileged to be working this year. This comment is both an indicator of what a fabulous mentor he is, able to wittily and aptly pull quotes to demonstrate his analysis, and also a pointer to what some of the memoir will contain:

I kept thinking, it is amazing how the narrator has stayed alive; I mean by that, it is a story of recklessness and survival, or, as A.S. Byatt put it, “testing the possibility of survival through bad decisions.

I look forward to being able to share this process with you – especially if you are in the process of writing a memoir yourself. Here’s to all the bad decisions, and surviving them!

Update: the blog is live(ish!) here.

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