Jumping for joy in January

by | Jan 13, 2017

Dear reader, it is finally the publication month of Before You Forget. It has been a long time coming: that’s how it feels to me, anyhow. Any novel takes so much work, time and attention, and this one has taken a certain level of emotional chutzpah to get to the finish line. My eternal gratitude to my patient editors at Penguin (it’s been so long there have been a few, but Katrina Lehman is chief among them.) The novel now has its own web page here, which also talks a little bit about why I wrote it. The cover is just beautiful, more so in tangible form: thank you Penguin Random House for doing the book proud.

And here is its first review, from Amy at Boffins Books.

The remarkable Amanda Curtin, herself one of my favourite writers, was kind enough to feature Before You Forget as part of her guest blogger series, here. (Yes, it seems this is going to be a very link-y post. Stay with me, dear reader!)

I have a pretty full dance card for the Perth Writers Festival this year, hanging with more of my favourite writer buddies, including Dianne Touchell, whose Forgetting Foster is about a young boy whose father develops younger onset Alzheimer’s. We’re going to have some cracking conversations about that: here are some of her thoughts on the subject.

I am raising money to make a short video about  Before You Forget, featuring my daughter and her artwork: it is the story behind the story. The money will pay the talented young creatives who have committed to the project, including clever director Kori Reay-Mackey. The link is here if you have any spare cash. We are hoping to launch it at the Perth Writers Festival next month.

I hope you are all having a splendid 2017 so far.


Picture by Annie Lawrinson

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