Just say yes

by | Feb 14, 2010

No, this isn’t a reference to the Great Virginity Debate.  It was a new year’s resolution of sorts, and so far it’s bearing fascinating fruit.

Chess Nuts! is my tenth publication in ten years.  Last year I was overwhelmed by the dayjob and other projects, and I was frustrated at all the writing-related things I had to say no to.  So this year, prompted by a comment by a friend (thanks Danae!), I decided, wherever possible, to say Yes to writing-related activities, whatever they were.  No matter how scary-looking.  And look what has since cropped up:

  • the first chapter for The Age MS Readathon (which, to be frank, scared the pants off me – but I did it!)
  • a column on public education for the Education Department’s magazine, School Matters
  • a cover endorsement for the wonderful Carole Wilkinson‘s YA novel, Sugar Sugar
  • Perth Writers Festival gigs
  • lecturing and workshopping at Bunbury ECU
  • Chess Nuts! has been taken by Australian Standing Orders
  • writing with Delphine Jamet (even if it is slower than we both would like!) – joint authorship being a first for both of us
  • script editing for Tawdry Heartburn
  • touring Melbourne for Children’s Book Week

And, most wonderfully, the virginity novel is going be published – more detail on that later.

I am famously skeptical about the magic of wishing, but maybe – just maybe – there’s something in it.

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