Pushing the Push

by | Jun 28, 2008

All singing, all dancing … the launch of the Push is on Thursday night.  I’m paranoid that I’ll get the flu before Thursday arrives, for reasons will become evident on the night, but am delighted at the prospect of having all the aspects of my life intersecting in one place in one evening.  Once upon a time this would have freaked me out.  Ah, maturity.

I didn’t realise how many people around Perth know Laurie Apps, who is launching the book.  Laurie is, amongst other things, a media commentator and lecturer and president of the Fremantle Tennis Club, and everyone from Hansard reporters to old teaching colleagues to my former drama teacher know him.  He’s also a thoroughly decent bloke.

And, on a completely different subject, this blog from Aidan Chambers on prizes and what they’re for is just brilliant.

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