Surprising September: Maddie in the Middle month

by | Sep 8, 2019

Greetings, dear Reader!

It is a BIG month for me on many fronts – not least of which because Maddie in the Middle has just been released! You may have noticed in my last entry that this was somewhat of a surprise – initially Maddie was due for release next year. I am very glad she’s out and about earlier. Thank you Fremantle Press!

If you want to know why I wrote the book, Reading Time has this feature, plus a link to their warm review.

Lamonts also has a lovely review here.

Journalist and novelist Emma Young wrote a feature for the Sydney Morning Herald on Beaufort Street Books: spot the sneaky appearance of yours truly among my fellow writers here.

I had limited time for Book Week gigs this year, but was delighted to be able to speak to the lively kids at Kyilla Primary in North Perth and Piara Waters in – guess where – Piara Waters. I had the best time applauding Piara Waters’ astonishing Book Week parade, which included a costume made of pages of books (hopefully the Piara Waters folk will have a photo of it somewhere!)

Happy September, one and all!


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