The Flyaway Girls – book and blurb

by | May 27, 2015

Nearly five years after its beginning, the idea I wrote about here has turned into an actual book. With an actual blurb. And it has a title.

The novel started with me musing: what do you do if you’re good at what you love, but not the best? Do you give up? Do you keep going with different expectations? How do you measure success? Is success what you make yourself, or what other people think of you? What, in the end, really matters?

Nobody gets what they want in life, not all the time, anyway. There is luck and there is talent; there are the x factors of background and wealth, temperament and timeliness. Part of learning to be a human being is managing the gap between what you want and what life allows you to have. And you start learning young.

So, here is the story of Chelsea and Telia, gymnasts, friends – rivals?

It is out in September.

All praise Penguin for the gorgeous cover and the title. And all praise to Amanda Quigley of Southside Districts Gymnastics Academy for her inspiring coaching of gymnasts and invaluable and direct advice to one writer, me. Also thanks to my junior readers/writing coaches, Kate and Anna and Kate’s friend, for inspiring me to get it to the finish line.

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