The remembrance of things past

by | Dec 9, 2008

As someone who has kept a diary from the age of thirteen (and, more importantly, resisted burning them since), I have developed a possibly unhealthy obsession with dates and anniversaries (although not, to the disappointment of my extended family, birthdays.)  It’s all part of my backwards-looking nature: I always think that the present is far less bewildering when compared and contrasted with the past.

Imagine my delight, then, to discover that Samuel Pepys‘ diary is now available in an online version, so that you can look back and know what was going on in London exactly three hundred and forty three years ago.  There are also handy historical links, so, for example, you can know that he pronounced oyster ‘eye-ster’, in case you needed to know that.**  You can also probably learn that Pepys is pronounced ‘Peeps’, not, as I pronounced it until my late 20s, ‘Peppies’.  Who knew?

** As someone who is home suffering the four-days-later effects of salmonella poisoning from smoked salmon (whence the name?), I’m not actually sure I care how they pronounced oyster, as merely thinking about one makes the cramps resume.

*** And another thing, does anyone know if you have to mention facebook to get a link to one’s profile page?

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