Why I didn’t give up my day job

by | Oct 11, 2008

No, I’m not talking about writing this time, although there’s no danger of me giving up my day job for that, either (thanks, Australia Council).

I’m talking about this, from the 1995 Sandover Medal presentation at Burswood.  Were we the most inappropriate entertainment for a footy award night ever?  I think yes.  And this was the good bit.  We did a musically clever mingling of the Dockers and Eagles theme songs (well, Nikki did, anyway), but I can’t post that because the bits with us performing, replete with Dockers and Eagles jerseys and socks, is just too much.  We were much, much better in bars when people were drunk.  And were not footballers.

FYI, Trevor Jenkins is a well-known ABC sports commentator in Perth, and a genuinely lovely man.  He thought we were funny.

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