City of Light book cover

City of Light

Educational Publishing Awards shortlist

About the book

On Monday 20 February 1962, the people of Perth lit up their city overnight to acknowledge the special mission of American astronaut John Glenn – the first American to orbit the Earth. Glenn, in turn, observed that the city was clearly visible from space, and Perth became known worldwide as ‘The City of Light’.

This is a story of two small children with one big idea: an idea that captured the imagination of a city. It is also a story about connection – the connection of a community that came together to achieve a goal, and their connection with John Glenn who was travelling far from home.

Quote from the Book

Our city is big.
The universe is bigger.
An astronaut from the other side of the world will fly over
our home, at night. We will see a tiny light and we’ll know
it’s him. But will he be able to see us?
One girl, one boy?
A true story.

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