Loz and Al book cover

Loz and Al


About the book

It’s a proven fact that everyone in the world wants to be famous. Even Alice, who would rather eat Brussels sprouts than buy an Avril Lavigne single, admits that being famous would be cool. So the Teen Queens are out to make the big time. Okay, so the name isn’t too great – especially since none of us are actually teenagers yet – but we’re working on it. Alice looks a bit like Christina would have looked when she was twelve and I have the same colour eyes as Kylie, so we’re definitely on the right track. Right? Right.

Except that all of a sudden, nothing in Loz’s life is going right. So what do you do when your mum leaves home, your teacher is determined to make your life miserable, and your best friend hates you and you don’t even know why? Loz finds surprising solutions in unexpected places, and discovers that things have a way of working out in the end when your heart’s in the right place.

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